Small Hive Beetle infestation

By: Andrew  09-Oct-2014

I did a normal spring inspection of this hive and to my surprise I found it absolutely innundated with SHB!!! They were everywhere - bottom board, between the frames, top board. I did not have any traps in the hive over winter. The Apithor Harborage you see in the video was only just being put in. I destroyed manually as many of the beetles  as I could but conservatively it would have been in the 100s!!! I put in the Apithor and also an trap filled with oil under the bottom board - slits in bottom board where the beetles hide from the chasing bees and drown in the oil underneath. Fortunately the hive was not slimed and there were no larvae present which was very lucky - obviously the bees had that under control.  A month later and there are virtually no beetles in the hive and it is much stronger - lucky me this time!!  Some 3 years ago I lost 5 hives to SHB.





I'm the inventor of the "Beettle blocker shim" that stops them from entering hives. Facebook page:...."Clarks Beetle Blocker Shim"

By:Clark Taplin  On:2016-04-02

I have lost 4 hive to black hive beetle, I had beetle traps in and still could not save hives, BUGGER.

By:Bob  On:2016-02-23

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