Honey Bee Swarming  By: Andrew

Honey Bee swarms are quite a natural phenomenon and it is the bees means of multiplying colonies. This can be a genetic trait of some queens which .....Read More

Tri-State Bee Farm  By: Frank

Greetings and salutations to any and all!

Frank McAvinchey here reporting in from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.  Winter has come on early t.....Read More

Nice Documentary Film on the African Honey Bee and the swarming process - enjoy watching.  By: Andrew

Here are some examples of lessons we could learn from bees: by Phil Chandler  By: Admin

Great article on very worthwhile Australian research  By: Andrew

Honey Bee Blues - great film on the origins and effect of the Varoa Destructor  By: Andrew

Good article on the Australian drought and its effect on the honeybee  By: Admin

Wild Honey Bee Colony Removal in Collaroy  By: Admin

Received a call that a bee swarm .....Read More

Colorado Top Bar Hive as designed by Open Source Beehives team  By: Admin

SwarmPatrol.com has participated in the crowd funding project to develop a Top Bar Beehive which can be easily cut out using CNC router technologie.....Read More

SwarmPatrol mentioned in a local Newspaper in Chelmsford MA USA!!  By: Admin

This article resulted in a swarm reported through the web site and collected by one of the Patrollers! Nice work.

Read More

Swarms all over London - they do need SwarmPatrol!!  By: Admin

The warm weather has encouraged bees to start swarming and even central London had them. More and more urban beekeepers even in the centre of Londo.....Read More

Swarms in Central Arkansas-USA  By: Richard

Swarms in Central Arkansas are up this year.

I have collected so far since April 12, 2014 - Swarms totalling 34 and 12 Trap Outs establis.....Read More

Small Hive Beetle infestation  By: Andrew

I did a normal spring inspection of this hive and to my surprise I found it absolutely innundated with SHB!!! They were everywhere - bottom board, .....Read More

What to do when a swarm of bees lands in your yard - click on report a swarm!!  By: Admin


Happy to have your comments here but to have the swarm removed plea.....Read More

Swarms for Bee Venom Therapy!  By: DiveGirl Deb

I help teach Live Bee Venom Therapy. 

The swarms I collect are homed in hives and set up in our patients yards.

This give .....Read More

No Swarming yet, but scout bees are flying  By: Spencer

So far, in Northeast West Virginia, I have seen no swarm activity. However, I have seen many scout bees (I think they're scouts) at a few of my.....Read More

Swarm in PA  By: Ronald

Swarming has begun in PA. I retrieved a swarm in State College PA on friday, may 6th. The swarm was not very big about the size of two softballs, b.....Read More

Interview by Gary of KiwiMana with the founder of the SwarmPatrol website.  By: Admin

Inland Empire bees  By: Eric Lee

Working with the bees are great, I love it.  Started beekeeping when I was in middle school.  I look back on it now and I think wow. You .....Read More

Mumble Bees - Brisbane Beek (Northside).  By: Admin

Hello Everyone,

I’m a Backyard Beekeeper in Queensland, I am Happy to Remove/Relocate any Na.....Read More

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