Honey Bee Swarming  By: Andrew

Honey Bee swarms are quite a natural phenomenon and it is the bees means of multiplying colonies. This can be a genetic trait of some queens which .....Read More

Nice Documentary Film on the African Honey Bee and the swarming process - enjoy watching.  By: Andrew

Great article on very worthwhile Australian research  By: Andrew

Honey Bee Blues - great film on the origins and effect of the Varoa Destructor  By: Andrew

Small Hive Beetle infestation  By: Andrew

I did a normal spring inspection of this hive and to my surprise I found it absolutely innundated with SHB!!! They were everywhere - bottom board, .....Read More

Swarms in Central Arkansas-USA  By: Richard

Swarms in Central Arkansas are up this year.

I have collected so far since April 12, 2014 - Swarms totalling 34 and 12 Trap Outs establis.....Read More

Tri-State Bee Farm  By: Frank

Greetings and salutations to any and all!

Frank McAvinchey here reporting in from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.  Winter has come on early t.....Read More

Swarms wanted  By: Jason

Why not get paid for phoning in a swarm? I will pay you  $20 for a swarm hanging if I can get there before it takes off. It’s important .....Read More

No Swarming yet, but scout bees are flying  By: Spencer

So far, in Northeast West Virginia, I have seen no swarm activity. However, I have seen many scout bees (I think they're scouts) at a few of my.....Read More

Swarms for Bee Venom Therapy!  By: DiveGirl Deb

I help teach Live Bee Venom Therapy. 

The swarms I collect are homed in hives and set up in our patients yards.

This give .....Read More

Swarm in PA  By: Ronald

Swarming has begun in PA. I retrieved a swarm in State College PA on friday, may 6th. The swarm was not very big about the size of two softballs, b.....Read More

Administration pls contact me  By: Neil

How do I remove myself from swarm patrol.....Read More

Inland Empire bees  By: Eric Lee

Working with the bees are great, I love it.  Started beekeeping when I was in middle school.  I look back on it now and I think wow. You .....Read More

Nates free bee swarm and unwanted hive removal's  By: Nathan

Removal of large and small swarms, unwanted hives and established hives in walls as no cost unless further than 50km......Read More

Swarm in wall cavity  By: Nick

Hello! seeking help to capture a swarm located at 102 Keon Street, Thornbury inside a hollow core, cement sheet cladded boundary wall. We are Thorn.....Read More

Here are some examples of lessons we could learn from bees: by Phil Chandler  By: Admin

Good article on the Australian drought and its effect on the honeybee  By: Admin

Wild Honey Bee Colony Removal in Collaroy  By: Admin

Received a call that a bee swarm .....Read More

Colorado Top Bar Hive as designed by Open Source Beehives team  By: Admin

SwarmPatrol.com has participated in the crowd funding project to develop a Top Bar Beehive which can be easily cut out using CNC router technologie.....Read More

SwarmPatrol mentioned in a local Newspaper in Chelmsford MA USA!!  By: Admin

This article resulted in a swarm reported through the web site and collected by one of the Patrollers! Nice work.

Read More

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