What to do when a swarm of bees lands in your yard - click on report a swarm!!

By: Admin  20-Apr-2016


Happy to have your comments here but to have the swarm removed please click on Report a Swarm and complete the details.



Hi there, Needing help asap please, bees are firm a hive right near my beauty room access. I'm in beacon hill 0410131097 Liz

By:Elizabeth hanson  On:2015-10-25

I have a swarm of bees in my front yard...can someone help with this?

By:Julie jones  On:2015-10-03

Bee swarms at jordan springs. 0414285436. Can't get into my home. They are coming from a nest accross the street

By:Rhonda fahey  On:2015-10-02

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