Swarm in wall cavity

By: Nick  10-Nov-2020

Hello! seeking help to capture a swarm located at 102 Keon Street, Thornbury inside a hollow core, cement sheet cladded boundary wall. We are Thornbury locals and have a newly acquired hive which we have been trying to attract the bees into. We have made various attmepts now for an hour or more to secure the swarm it seems to no avail, as the bees are still gathering around a hole on the wall which the queen appears to have entered through. We have a few in our hive box but the queen we believe is still inside the wall. The wall is a front boundary wall belonging to a property in Thornbury, address mentioned above, with a small hole which the bees are using to gain access to.

Much appreciated if you could please respond at your earliest convenience if you are able to help. Thanks in advance!


I am in 98 Victoria Road Northcote. I have swarm of bees taking up residence in a gap in the front of my weatherboard house, near the window and above a small rose bush and I am unable to go through my front door. I am also worried about the posties and anyone else coming to the door. They came on Sunday and I thought they might be looking for shade but they decided they like it. Please help as I am 73 and my skin blew up last time I got stung and I am very scared. Thank you.

By:Gaye Bishop  On:2020-12-16

Hi I can remove it

By:Taha Mohamad  On:2020-12-04

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