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By: Neil  21-Nov-2019
How do I remove myself from swarm patrol

To have a swarm removed just report the swarm with all details. If you are a swarmpatroller and no longer wish to receive advice of swarms simply set your distance to ZERO on your profile.

By:Andrew  On:2020-10-11

I live in Elsternwick and have a hive on a tree in the backyard. Would like to be removed if possible.

By:Ana - 0412318289  On:2020-10-10

HI , because of ill health I would like to be removed fom the list of swarm catchers. I did well over the seasons that I was a member Thanks Haydn Sell

By:Haydn Sell  On:2020-10-05

I have registered but have not received confirmation email. user Gobees stuart.goeby@gmail.com

By:Stuart  On:2020-10-05

Hi, I have tried to register, received the confirmation email but my email / password are not accepted. ben@sargant.com.au 0412563765

By:Ben Sargant  On:2020-10-04

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