Administration pls contact me

By: Neil  21-Nov-2019
How do I remove myself from swarm patrol

Please contact me on cofffamily@bigpond.com

By:Stewart Coff  On:2020-05-28

Could someone please contact me about removing bees that have made a home in my wall

By:Nicole Fennell   On:2020-04-11

Can you please contact me on 0412648201 regarding a bee hive

By:Tina Stevens  On:2020-03-10

I am unable to collect swarms as I am to busy with my own hives, please advise how I remove me from Swarm Patrol

By:Neil Brydson  On:2019-12-20

I am also the same, I have recently stopped Bee Keeping as i am moving overseas and cannot remove myself from swarm patrol notifications after I closed down my business email address. I can be contact at: brettieboyster@gmail.com

By:Brett Mason  On:2019-12-12

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