Nates free bee swarm and unwanted hive removal's

By: Nathan  05-Oct-2018
Removal of large and small swarms, unwanted hives and established hives in walls as no cost unless further than 50km.

woke up to swarm of bees making a hive in my shrub. can you please help or know someone who can. Thank you 0466422112

By:karen eckford  On:2021-03-28

There is a recently built bee or wasp nest in our front garden in Endeavour Hills under a ground cover shrub. It is inside a very low stone border, in between stones. I can’t see it as the shrub hangs over it. I noticed the wasps flying in & out when I was about to start trimming the plant. Are you able to remove it ? Sushmita 0424859422

By:Sushmita Shome  On:2021-01-22

I am not sure if I am reporting in the wrong spots of thIs web site...a bit nervous. A few got in the house last night and my dog woke me hearing the buzz. I am in 98 Victoria Road, Northcote, 3070, mobile 0412160804. I have bees that decided a gap or hole in my weatherboard house near a window and above a white rose bush about 6ft up will be a good home. Unfortunately I blow up if I get stung and over 70 years of age and very anxious for myself and any postie or delivery person. They are flying In the porch near my front door so currently I use back way to get out. Please please can someone help find them a better home? So sorry for repetitions and mistakes in where I should report.

By:Gaye Bishop  On:2020-12-16

We have a fairly large swarm that are building in a shrub in the front yard in Ringwood Vic. About basketball sized currently. It appeared today. Contact Ian 0418383052

By:Ian Farr  On:2020-11-19

We have a recent swarm , wasn’t there last Wednesday, in our meter box. Easily accessible. We are in Strathmore Heights. 0438 363 949

By:Lynne Anderson  On:2020-11-14

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