Nates free bee swarm and unwanted hive removal's

By: Nathan  05-Oct-2018
Removal of large and small swarms, unwanted hives and established hives in walls as no cost unless further than 50km.

Bees living in my mother’s gutter/roof in Parkdale VIC do you cover that area?

By:Ingrid  On:2020-02-14

By:  On:2019-11-11

There is swarm of bees seeking to get into house at Safety beach. Is there a free removal service to this area and one that does no damage to the house?

By:Joseph  On:2019-11-11

A hive has been established in an old compost bin. I live in Sale Gippsland. Is there a local who would like to collect it? 0417441707

By:Rosemary Bentley  On:2019-01-12

There is swarms bee in 21 Packham st Shepparton obit about kids going to school and home

By:  On:2018-10-11

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