Swarms wanted

By: Jason  06-Oct-2019

Why not get paid for phoning in a swarm? I will pay you  $20 for a swarm hanging if I can get there before it takes off. It’s important to call me as soon as it’s landing due to travel time and the possibility it’s just resting and will take off sometimes very quickly. 


Hi Jason, I have a swarm that I have captured and put into a nuc hive, call me on 0466268988 if you would like to have them! I’m located in spotswood.

By:Genevieve  On:2019-12-26

I have had a swarm of bees located at the front of my office space in Oakliegh East and would like someone to come and remove without harming the bees please? Please call 03-8523-5900

By:Bridget  On:2019-11-20

Hi Jason, have already reported to swarm patrol few weeks ago, but have not heard back...I have a new swam landed 3-4 weeks ago inside my shed wall ( which is lined) need to help rehouse the swarm, can you help? I am in a Yarraville in Melbourne Please ring viv on 0408035258 asap Cheers viv

By:viv mehes  On:2019-11-13

Swarm about 5-6 ft where branches start in a small neighbors tree. Location skyward in Irvine, CA. Call or text me and I can send a picture. 951-850-7129

By:Michelle  On:2019-10-16

Hope that you give a $20.00 donation to swarmpatrol for each notification and successful collection!!

By:Andrew  On:2019-10-07

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