Swarms wanted

By: Jason  06-Oct-2019

Why not get paid for phoning in a swarm? I will pay you  $20 for a swarm hanging if I can get there before it takes off. It’s important to call me as soon as it’s landing due to travel time and the possibility it’s just resting and will take off sometimes very quickly. 


A small swarm to be collected in my backyard. Vermont south. 0401573012. Call if interested.

By:Tony  On:2021-10-26

Need a swarm removed ASAP from my backyard in Melton. 0433516940.

By:Troy Caruana  On:2021-10-25

Hi I need to have a swarm removed from my home at Werribee. Mark 0413177388

By:Mark Maloney  On:2021-10-06

Hi I am new this hobby happy to grab swarm or remove hive from your property :). We will give them good life in noojee .. 0468402144 Cheers

By:Anurag   On:2021-10-03

Swarm collection. Gippsland, Yarra Valley and Mornington peninsula. VIC, Australia 0419 114 092

By:Daniel Kesik  On:2021-09-10

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