Swarms wanted

By: Jason  06-Oct-2019

Why not get paid for phoning in a swarm? I will pay you  $20 for a swarm hanging if I can get there before it takes off. It’s important to call me as soon as it’s landing due to travel time and the possibility it’s just resting and will take off sometimes very quickly. 


Hi Jason Will pay for you to come and collect bees 0419218215

By:Steve  On:2021-12-12

East Burwood bees could contact me on 0428 300 133

By:John  On:2021-12-09

I have a swarm in a tree in my backyard in East Burwood

By:John  On:2021-12-09

We have a swarm that has taken residence in tree we have , in a large knot hole about 6 ft of ground . Would anyone like to come and take bees away please as we don't want to kill them . We are near Box Hill Victoria . 0419218215

By:Steve  On:2021-12-03

Today Swarm at Vermont south - found a home, taken.

By:Tony  On:2021-10-26

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