Swarms wanted

By: Jason  06-Oct-2019

Why not get paid for phoning in a swarm? I will pay you  $20 for a swarm hanging if I can get there before it takes off. It’s important to call me as soon as it’s landing due to travel time and the possibility it’s just resting and will take off sometimes very quickly. 


Dear Swarm Patrol, I have a hive of what I consider to be Bees judging by the way they fly. I do not want them killed, but relocated to a good home. They are in a tree about 8 feet from the ground. My phone Number is 0439754928 Thanks Mark Stephenson in HEIDELBERG W 3081

By:Mark Stephenson  On:2023-11-02

I have a bee hive under our Trampoline, can someone take it and help me.I am in Tarneit, VIC by Sargam 0481848751 1/11/2023

By:  On:2023-10-31

I just found a lovely neat collection of bees in a tree just hanging there off the path just past Urban Canp 7 Bren Drive Parkville near the zoo. Approx 4pm today Monday Nov 27 0418121923

By:Linda lucas  On:2022-11-28

Hi, We have a swarm of bees that have housed themselves in our compost bin. Can you please advise and assist us with having them rehoused? We do NOT want them harmed, just don’t want them here. Please feel free to phone me on the number below or email reply. Cheers, Emily 0403914996

By:Emily Barrie  On:2022-11-23

I have a hive? /nest in a hedge tree at the front. As it has rained today and yesterday afternoon there are not too many. Yesterday morning there were so many I couldn't count them and they were also flying around on the footpath. I think they are wasps but not sure. I am located in Belmont Geelong if anyone can help....

By:Natalie  On:2022-11-10

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